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Course of Studies in Physics in Turin.

Since the Academic Year 2000-2001, the Course of Studies in Physics is active according to the new regulations and comprises:

  • a Bachelor in Physics;
  • a Bachelor in Optics and Optometry (since 2006/2007);
  • three Second Level degrees in Physics: Physical of Fundamental Interactions, Environmental and Biomedical Physics, Physics of Advance Technologies.
  • a Second Level degree in Astrophysical Sciences: Astrophysics and Cosmic Physics.

Information on job opportunities and research carried-on in the Departments of General Physics, Experimental Physics and Theoretical Physics can be found in the web page of the course of studies, in the section Guideline, Job Opportunities.

Bachelor in Physics

During the first two years of the Bachelor in Physics there is no much flexibility in the choice of courses. However, during the third year students have the opportunity to specialise in: General Physics (essentially for those who are interested in getting a Second Level degree), Computational Physics, Physics of the Atmosphere.

After the Bachelor, students have the possibility to enter the job market or enroll for a Second Level degree.

To enroll for the Bachelor in Physics students have to pass an admission test (TARM) with questions about: algebra, geometry, analysis, applied mathematics, physics, and proficiency in English. More information can be found at http://www.unito.it/scienzemfn/area-TARM.htm

Although compulsory for everybody, the test is not determinant for admission eligibility.

Students exempted from the TARM include:

  • students who decide to change their curriculum of studies and have already acquired at least 20 credits in those courses that are common to the new curriculum
  • students who enroll for a second degree

After the TARM, students are offered an introductory course on basic topics in analysis and geometry. The purpose of this course is to provide the prerequisite mathematical tools needed to fully benefit from first year courses in Physics. Attendance to the introductory classes is not compulsory but strongly recommended.

Starting from the introductory course, students are divided into small groups and are assigned a tutor, to help them to sharpen their understanding of the the various courses and more importantly to teach them the scientific methodology. Tutors will not be members of examination committees.

Lectures are organised in three different terms. At the end of each term there is a break of few weeks dedicated to further study and to examinations. Typically, students are exposed to about 20 hours of classes each week.

Exams: at the end of each term students are offered two examination sessions for each attended course. The aim is that students pass all exams before they start the next term. However, in July and September there is the possibility to repeat the examinations in case of failure.

Students can freely consult books and periodicals in the Library, use e-mails and browse the internet from the many computers available in the computer room, for which they get a personal account.

It is strongly suggested to check e-mails regularly, since this is the preferred way they will be contacted by the CCS Secretariat.

Any news concerning the Bachelor in Physics will be posted on the web page, that you are suggested to check regularly.

All classes take place at the Institute of Physics, in Via P. Giuria 1.


It is preferable for students to register for the courses they intend to attend in a given year. This can be done through the web clicking on the section “corsi”.

Attendance is compulsory for practical laboratory courses, and strongly recommended for the other courses.

It is necessary to register for examinations, and this can be done through the web via “Exam registration”.

Individual curricula of studies have to be submitted according to deadlines set by the Academic Senate and announced by the Student Secretariat.

It is possible to substitute exams with stages, according to the guidelines available on the web.

A general scheme for a Bachelor in Physics can be found on the web, together with detailed programs of individual courses

The timetable of classes can be consulted from the web.

Part-time students

Starting from the Academic Year 2006/07, we offer evening classes for part-time students.

The schedule of evening classes is less intense, and the specific content of courses for a regular year of studies is typically diluted in two years. In particular, the first year is not subdivided in the three canonical terms. Special examinations sessions are organised to meet the individual needs of part-time students.

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