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The Bioinformatics and Genomics unit (B&Gu) is an interdisciplinary group devoted to the study of multifactorial diseases by mean of high throughput technologies - i.e. microarray, Next Generation Sequencing – and bioinformatics. B&Gu is part of the Tumor Immunology Group which has long been engaged in research on tumour immunogenicity. The immonology lab was established in 1977 by Guido Forni on his return from a 3-year postdoctoral position at the Laboratory of Immunology (National Institute of Auto-immune Disease, Bethesda, USA). Federica Cavallo, now a senior investigator, joined the laboratory in 1986 and began to work on the xenotransplantation of human leukaemias in immunosuppressed mice, and on the mechanisms of the anti-tumour activity of interleukin 12.  Raffaele Calogero joined the group in 1999, when he moved from the Naples University Federico II, Italy. His background in molecular biology and bioinformatics and his consolidated experience in microarray data analysis and database mining have served to switch the laboratory’s classical immunological approach to a genome-wide vision.

B&Gu have a consolidated experience in the analysis of one channel microarrays, i.e. Affymetrix (3'IVT, Gene/Exon genechips), Illumina. More recently B&Gu was involved in the use of  ABI and Illumina second generation sequencing platforms in whole genome screening in the area of complex diseases. B&Gu interests focus on ChIP-seq  (Galli et al.) and RNA-seq (Cordero et al.).

We provide data analysis and mining support, as reseach collaboration or as service, to accademia and industries.

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