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Admission to the Master's Degree program in Physics - Academic Year 2017-18

Admission to the Master's Degree program ("Laurea Magistrale") in Physics is subject to a preliminary verification of the qualifications of the applicant. Rules and istructions for enrollement can be found on the web portal of the University of Torino.

Classes will start before the end of September, but you are advised to act much earlier, as the admission process for International can take a few months.

The first step for enrollment is to register on the web portal of the University of Torino, following the instructions found here.  This will give you access to a personal page in the portal ("my-unito"), where you will find further instructions on how to apply.

Non EU international students who will need a VISA will have to file in their pre-registration before July the 21st 2017.

You will have to fill out your admission form and send all your student records to the International Student Office,  After your records have been examined by our reviewer committee, an interview will be arranged, to ascertain your personal preparation. This interview can be held remotely if necessary.

According to the rules of the Master's Degree in Physics, a minimal curricular knowledge is required. This means that you need to have passed, during your Bachelor's Degree,

- at least 70 ECTs in Physics (or equivalent) courses,

- at least 20 ECTs in Mathematics courses,

with a 10% tolerance (= 7 ECTs) in the field of Physics.

A Committee formed by Master's Program teachers verifies, during the interview and on the basis of the  documentation provided, the qualifications of the candidates in connection with the Curriculum of their choice. In the field of Mathematics the interested students should be acquainted with: geometry, linear algebra, differential and integral calculus with one or more variables, and elements of complex analysis. In Physics, the students are required a good basic knowledge of Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Elements of Atomic and subatomic physics, as well as relevant experience in physics laboratory.

The admission interviews  for the Academic Year 2017-18, will take place at the Department of Physics, via Pietro Giuria 1, Torino, or over the internet) on the following dates:

Friday, September 14 2017, at 2 p.m. in Sala Wataghin

Friday, October 30 2017, at  2 p.m. in Sala Wataghin

Friday, December 14 2017, at 2 p.m.  in Sala Wataghin

Remote interviews must be arranged in advance.

Important Notice

The formal and definitive enrollment is NOT completed by the preliminary interview. It must be complemented by the last steps on the online enrollment procedure.


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