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Admission to Graduate Courses Academic Years 2013

Admission to the Graduate Courses in Physics is unrestricted. Rules and istructions for enrollement should be found on the specific pages of the web page of the University of Torino.

The dead line for enrollment is December 20, 2013.

In order to register one should first send the preliminary admission form. Afterwards an interview will be arranged, to ascertain the personal preparation and skills of each candidate. According to the rules of the Graduate Course (Master) in Physics, a minimal curricular knowledge is required, namely:

at least 70 ects in Physics (or equivalent) courses

at least 20 ects in Mathematics courses

[with a 10% tolerance (=7 ects) in the field of Physics].

The preliminary admission form aims at verifying the consistency of previous (bachelor) studies and allows individual candidate students to opt for one of the three curricula offerend by the Graduate Program in Physics at Torino University.

Interested student should:

send via e-mail to the address:

thePreliminary admission form’ appropriately filled up and complemented by all documents which the student considers useful to attach (e.g., the list of the courses attended in Undergraduate programs with ects' weight and marks). The official certificate will be required upon enrollment.

A Committee formed by Graduate Course teachers verifies, during the interview and on the basis of the provided documentation, the competence of the candidates in connection with the curriculum of their choice. In the field of Mathematics the interested students should be acquainted with: geometry, linear algebra, differential and integral calculus with one or more variables, elements of complex analysis. In Physics, the students are required a good basic knowledge of Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Electromagnetism, non-relativistic Quantum Mechanics, Elements of Atomic and subatomic physics, as well as some experience in physics laboratory. The colloquium will include questions on the above topics and will ascertain the scientific interests of the candidates, in connection with their chosen curriculum.

The dates fixed for the admission colloquium (by the Department of Physics, via Giuria 1, Torino) in the Academic Year 2013-14 are the following:

September 16, 2013

October 14, 2013

December 13, 2013

For foreign candidates an interview via skype is possible, and must be specifically arranged with the committee; e-mail address and skype address should be included in the preliminary admission form.

 Important Notice

The formal and definitive enrollment is NOT exhausted by the preliminary interview but, in case of a successfull outcome, it must be completed by the procedure illustrated here:









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