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Foreign Incoming Students

First of all, WELCOME in Torino University Physics Department website.

All general info can be found together the info of all the other partner Universities in the repository page.

If you have any queries please contact the tutors in charge of the Erasmus exchanges: Bertaina Mario Edoardo or Pesando Igor


Teaching Periods

There are 3 teaching periods and 4 exams periods:

  1. first teaching period about 20/09 → 20/11 followed by exams

  2. second period about 15/01 → 15/03 followed by exams

  3. third period about 20/04 → 20/06 followed by exams in July and September


NB: The meaning ot the second column is the following: f.x. 2y/3P 2nd year 3rd teaching period


Courses are usually  taught in Italian at Bachelor level with the exception of

Special Relativity 3y/3P Special Relativity  Nelson Jeannete Ethel

However all lab courses can be easily followed in English since the communication with professors can be done in English. The list of labs is here.


Here is the list of the courses which may be taught in English at the master level at the Physics Department in Torino.

Courses may be taught in Italian or English and while none of the teaching staff for these courses is a

native English speaker, most will be happy to use English on request.

Please note that the list of courses given here are those available for 2014-2015. It  may be the case that some of the courses will be taught by different members of staff next year.  You are therefore encouraged to contact the individual  professors in charge of each course if you want to be sure that he/she will be teaching the same course next year.

Advanced modeling techniques: Agent Based Models (ABM) and Multi Agent Systems (MAS). 1y/3P Laboratorio di tecniche avanzate di modellizzazione: Multy Agent Systems (MAS) Maggiora Marco
Applied Nuclear Physics 1y/3P Applicazioni delle tecniche di fisica nucleare Argiro' Stefano
Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology 2y/1P Fisica Astroparticellare e Cosmologica Fornengo Nicolao
Biology and molecular biology 1y/3P Biologia e biologia molecolare De Bortolis Michele
Complements of Field Theory 1y/3P Complementi di teoria dei campi Magnea Lorenzo
Complements of Structure of Matter 1y/2P Complementi di struttura della materia Barbaro Maria Benedetta
Condensed Matter Physics 1y/2P Fisica della materia condensata Tateo Roberto
Cosmology 1y/3P Cosmologia Diaferio Antonaldo
Dynamical Systems 2y/1P Sistemi dinamici Boffetta Guido
Elementary Particles I 1y/3P Particelle elementari I

Migliore Ernesto

Argirò Stefano

Elementary Particles II 2y/1P Particelle elementari II Menichetti Ezio
Elements of Heliophysics and Space Weather 1y/3P Elementi di Eliofisica e Meteorologia Spaziale Bemporad Alessandro
Energy and Environment 2y/1P Energia e Ambiente De Lillo Filippo-Gambino Paolo
Foundations of Cosmic Physics 1y/3P Fondamenti di fisica cosmica Chiavassa Andrea
Fundamentals of Astrophysics: Galaxies and Cosmic Structures 1y/2P Fondamenti di Astrofisica: galassie e strutture cosmiche Ostorero Luisa
Fundamentals of Astrophysics: Stars and Milky Way 1y/1P Fondamenti di Astrofisica: Stelle e Via Lattea Diaferio Antonaldo
General Relativity 1y/2P Relativita' Generale Fornengo Nicolao
General Relativity: global and geometrical aspects 1y/2P Relativita' generale: aspetti geometrici e globali Pesando Igor
Geophysical Signal Processing 1y/3P Trattamento dei segnali (geofisici) Alessio Silvia Maria
Introduction to Environmental Physics 2y/1P Introduzione alle problematiche dell'Ambiente
De Lillo Filippo  
Introduction to Group Theory 1y/1P Introduzione alla teoria dei gruppi Billo' Marco
Introduction to String Theory 2y/1P Introduzione alla teoria della stringa Carlo Angelantonj
Laboratory of Nulclear and Subnuclear Physics I 1y/2P Laboratorio di fisica nucleare e subnucleare I Bertaina Mario Edoardo
Materials for Optoelectronics 2y/2P Materiali per l'optoelettronica Lamberti Carlo
Meteorology 1y/2P Meteorologia  Cassardo Claudio-Cremonini Roberto
Nonlinear waves and turbulence 2y/1P Onde nonlineari e turbolenza Onorato Miguel
Numerical Algorithms for Physics 1y/3P Algoritmi numerici per la fisica Pollarolo Giovanni-Mignone Andrea
Observation and measurement methods 1y/3P Metodi di osservazione e misura Mana Giovanni
Phenomenology of Foundamental Interactions 1y/3P Fenomenologia delle interazioni fondamentali Donato Fiorenza
Physics of the Atmosphere   Fisica dell'atmosfera Cassardo Claudio
Radiative Processes 1y/1P Processi radiativi Massaglia Silvano
Relativistic Cinematics and Particle Accelerators 1y/2P Cinematica relativistica e acceleratori di particelle Bianchi Fabrizio - Gallio Mauro
Relativistic Quantum Mechanics 1y/1P Meccanica quantistica relativistica Alberico Wanda Maria
Statistical Mechanics 1y/1P Meccanica statistica Angelantonj Carlo
The physics of energy 2y/1P Fonti Energetiche Gambino Paolo
Theory of Complex Systems at low and high temperature 1y/2P Teoria dei Sistemi Complessi alle basse e alte temperature Alberico Wanda Maria-Barbaro Maria
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